Sumatra Aceh Fair Trade Organic Fully Washed


Cup Profile: Lime, Raspberry, Black Tea

Country:  Sumatra

Region: Aceh

Elevation: 1200 - 1600 Masl

Process: Fully Washed

Variety:  Various Catimor Types


We find this to be a transformative Sumatran coffee as it is cleanly processed with the fully washed and dried method. Although common at other origins, fully washed and dried processing is still rare in Indonesia, making this an uncharacteristically clean and smooth cup. This coffee lot, grown by the 282 women in the Item Reje Gayo Co-op in Aceh, Sumatra, is a part of Cafe Imports’ Women Coffee Producer Program and is Free Trade Organic certified. The bright lime and juicy blackberry notes shine with a sweet black tea finish that may change the way you look at Indonesian coffees.

Roast Days - Tuesdays & Thursdays

Shipping Days - Wednesdays & Fridays