Brazil Uncle Macedo


Cup Profile: Peach, Brown Sugar, Marshmallow

Country: Brazil

Region: Campos Altos

Elevation: 1250 MASL

Process: Natural

Variety: Yellow Catuai


This is now the second time in the past year that I have been tasked to talk about a great man who has unfortunately left us with a hole in our hearts. Jarbas Macedo Martins was a kind man who came to us through our friends in Campos Altos in Brazil. They affectionately call him Uncle Macedo, and we have adopted the same nickname for him here in Sacramento. Uncle Macedo produced high quality coffees from his farm Fazenda Paraiso (translated from Portuguese as Paradise farm), where he was tasked with many self-professed “cases” to solve. He was an inquisitive man that solved the many problems that he ran into through ingenious observation and passionate curiosity. 
We have the distinct pleasure to be able to share this man’s life with you. For this coffee we attempted to show as much of his coffee as possible by limiting our involvement in the roasting process. This coffee is our tribute to a wonderful man who was at all times welcoming and genuine. Please take the time to think of Uncle Macedo as you enjoy this coffee.